Top 5 Lawn Care Tips: Learn How To Do it By Your Own

Top 5 Lawn Care Tips: Learn How To Do it By Your Own
Jul 31, 2019  |  J & R Chavez Landscaping

Is your lawn losing its color? Do not worry, we are here to help you. Follow this top 5 lawn care tips and breathe new life into your lawn! Here we will shape our experience and we will give you the simplest tips so that you can arrange your garden yourself.

The important thing here is that you make these tips a routine, so you will be sure that your lawn is always healthy and colorful!

Follow these top 5 lawn Care Tips

First Tip: Remove All the Brush

Weeds, moss and straw are some of the weeds that can appear in your garden. These are bad elements that prevent the growth of your plants, prevent air and nutrients from reaching the rest of the garden. You must be careful and know how to identify them, take care not to damage the grass.

Second Tip: You Must Improve the Drainage of Your Garden

The ideal is that your garden has an efficient drainage, this will make your lawn grow healthy and colorful. If your drainage is obstructed then you will complicate the health of your lawn, if you notice that there is something obstructed you must act immediately.

Third Tip: You Have to Aerate

This is a fundamental process, since it allows the air and water to penetrate cleanly to the root zone. All this process is essential for your plants to obtain the proper nurtures to grow healthy. This is an incredible way to improve the badly damaged drought.

The process of aerating is easy, you must open small holes in the ground with different depths. You can do it with a kitchen fork or with professional instruments. Everything is in that you are careful and do not damage your plants.

Fourth Tip: Feed and Water Your Lawn

This is one of the most important processes to get the perfect grass. There are many types of food and fertilizers for lawn, just approach a garden shop and buy an ideal one for your plants. Read the instructions to apply it, the ideal fertilizer will depend on the soil in your garden and the climate in your area.

Fifth Tip: Mowing and Ending

A vital advice is that when cutting your lawn, take care to remove a third of the length of the herbs. The frequency with which you should cut your lawn will depend on the season of the year and the climatic conditions. Many people usually cut their lawn in summer, because of the warmth of the weather, this makes the grass grow fast.

By mowing correctly, you can make your lawn grow healthy! Homeowners need to be aware of how beneficial mowing is for your yard. Sadly, if not done correctly, it can be very harmful as well. Poor mowing practices can bring down the look of your yard by a lot.

Young Man Mowing Lawn at Early Evening

Dry Lawn Mowing

As part of our lawn care tips, we advise you to mow your lawn when it’s dry. Usually, the best time during the day to do this is in the early evening. This is because the temperature is at its highest at that time. Mowing at early evenings ensures you that your lawn will be dry. You will also not burn as much since the sun is not as intense. Lastly, your yard will have plenty of time to recover for the next heatwave.

Make Your Mowing Patterns Different

If you continue mowing in the same pattern as always, then you’ll likely have ruts in your lawn. By mowing in different directions, your lawn will stand up nicely.

Also, do not mow on schedule. Adjust your mowing whenever your lawn needs it. Some seasons need more mowing than others. For example, during spring, your lawn will need mowing between one or two times a week. In summer, on the other hand, your lawn will only need mowing every other week.

Grass Clippings Nurture Your Lawn!

Another of our lawn care tips involve around grass clippings. Many homeowners make the mistake of throwing away their grass clippings. Don’t do it! Grass clippings can bring many benefits to your yard that your missing away if you do throw them away.

When you leave grass clippings in your yard, you are actually giving it a source of nutrients. Additionally, if you leave long grass clippings in your lawn, then it can actually smother down its growth.

In other words, we recommend you to leave your grass clippings in your lawn. Remember to leave them small to let the soil breathe. If you decide to remove them, then bag them up for you to use them as mulch other day!

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