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September 04, 2019  |  J & R Chavez Landscaping

Stunning Backyard Landscape Ideas That Will Leave Your Garden Looking Amazing

Gardens are an important part of our home. They act many times as our safe havens after a long day or week of work. Sadly, sometimes when we want to renovate our safe haven, we tend to get stuck in a rut, with no ideas that could revitalize your place. This is where we come[…]Continue Reading

July 08, 2019  |  J & R Chavez Landscaping

Top 5 Lawn Care Tips: Learn How To Do it By Your Own

Is your lawn losing its color? Do not worry, we are here to help you. Follow this top 5 lawn care tips and breathe new life into your lawn! Here we will shape our experience and we will give you the simplest tips so that you can arrange your garden yourself. The important thing here[…]Continue Reading